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New Patient Appointments

The First Visit

We’ll begin by giving you a tour of our office so that you feel right at home. You’ll meet with Dr. Dana in the consultation room to talk about the details of your health history and your goals- we want to know where you want to go on this journey! Together, we’ll map out your challenges and how they’re impacting your life (or your child’s, if the appointment is for them).

We pride ourselves on giving an extremely thorough examination to discover where your body holds stress, misalignments, and tension, then investigate the cause. Objective evaluations are used with the Subluxation Station that identifies, without a doubt, the neurological cause of your symptoms. By pinpointing the source, we can start on creating a blueprint that will help you achieve your specific goals.

This appointment takes about 45 minutes.


The Second Visit

We’ll schedule you to return as soon as possible. The doctor will have done all of his homework by the time you arrive at your next appointment and we’ll have prepared a plan for you to recover your well-being (included as a part of the initial evaluation).

You’ll sit down with Dr. Dana, who will lay out, in detail:

  • Exactly what is happening in your body

  • What we can do about it

  • How long it’ll take

  • What costs are involved

When it comes to your health and finances, you don’t want surprises.
We understand and will answer all your questions up front so that you know what we’ll do to help you achieve the life you deserve. Once you decide to move forward with care, we’ll give you your first chiropractic adjustment.

This appointment takes about 25 minutes.



   Prior to your first visit, we ask that you complete your intake in full. The more information we have about your health history, the more we can help, and therefore we ask that you take your time filling it out with as much detail as you see fit.

   At New Hope Chiropractic we offer our intakes online so you can complete it

in the convenience of your own home. You can start and stop as needed too!

If you have any questions please contact us!

Schedule a visit

NP scheduler

We're so glad you found us, and we look forward to meeting you! If you're struggling to find a time that works for your schedule or if you're scheduling a kiddo who struggles with appointments, give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate your family’s needs! We want your first visit to be as stress-free as possible and we will do everything we can do to accommodate your needs!  

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