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Please leave a review of your success story so others know how you were helped and be confident that they can be helped too!


Dr. Dana does a great job at listening to what’s actually going on and looking for a solution. I’ve been to chiropractors in the past who just “snap, crackle, pop” you and send out our the door without asking or caring about what’s actually going on. Dr. Dana isn’t like that! I went in with significant lower back pain and he was able to identify that it was actually from a tendon (or something) in the front of my hip! He was then able to do specific stretches and adjustments and my pain was completely relieved within 2 visits! 


Had my first visit to a chiropractor today, was very nervous, but the staff was awesome and walked me through the whole process. Had a great adjustment, felt taller and walked out feeling better then I have in a long time.


Dr. Huebner is fantastic. I was having random headaches mixed with poor posture. I went in for an adjustment and felt a ton better the moment he was done. Thank you Dr. Huebner!

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